profile-wideI am a parallel entrepreneur, father, husband, urban farmer and automator of things.

As Senior Hardware Engineer at Anki, a co-founder of Robot Garden, and hardware start-up adviser and embedded systems consultant, I work passionately building clever consumer devices and helping others do so too, adding intelligence to objects and the environment through robotics, smart buildings or any other cyber-physical system.

My daily exploits include exploring the world with my amazing kids, working on our house urban homestead with my wife, building robots and reading lots and lots of datasheets. Please checkout my blog, portfolio or LinkedIn profile to see some of what I’m doing now and have done in the past. My specialties include

  • Design for manufacture and salable production
  • Cyber-physical security: design, advising, penetration testing
  • Reverse engineering
  • Electronics and Firmware
  • Signal processing
  • Prototype development

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