Presentation at ARM Tech Conference 2012

My ebike computer project was selected as a presentation for the “DIY Geek” series of lightning talks at the ARM Tech Conference this year. They were looking for people who had gotten their hands dirty using ARM Microcontrollers to give walk throughs on approaches and with a cortex M3 mbed at its heart and 2+ ARM processors on the android phone side, this project fit the bill. You can download a PDF of my presentation.

Halloween 2012

Halloween was my favorite holiday as a child, not because of the candy but because I loved making costumes, from articulated lizard masks to three headed monster costumes where the other two heads tracked my own. I usually started in July. Reality has interfered since college though so I haven’t done nearly as much as I wished. This year, however, my wonderful wife managed to whip up some awesome Alice in Wonderland costumes for the whole family.

Halloween 2012

Rethink Robotics Baxter

Baxter in a workshopEveryone has known that Rodney Brooks new company, Rethink Robotics was going to come out with something big and they have not disappointed. Baxter is a compliant two armed robot that runs ROS,  comes with an application stack that allows a non-programmer teach it to perform repetitive tasks and somehow only costs $22k! Recently I’ve been working with some amazing makers on creating a new, robotics focused, hackerspace. The more I look at Baxter, the more I think it’s perfect for a robotics hackerspace. Continue reading Rethink Robotics Baxter