Back to Robotics!

I’ve had a great three years at Sandia National Laboratories, learning a lot about developing systems with the rigger to know that they’ll work the first time, getting seriously into FPGA programming and recently becoming an expert in electronics design for manufacturing (DFM). I am immensely grateful to the people who have taught me along the way.

Now I am excited to be heading back into robotics full time at Anki.

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Why green tech investors should care about robotics

Sustainability is the most important technological problem we face today and for the foreseeable future. We need to use resources more intelligently and to be successful, our technology needs to become intelligent itself. Robotics is the study of giving the ability to sense the environment, make intelligent decisions and take action to machines and; a large part of green technology and robotics are the same technology. Continue reading Why green tech investors should care about robotics

Robot Garden

Robot Garden LogoIt started as a conversation over beer and garlic fries at the end of July and almost before I knew what was happening, I was co-founding a new and unique hackerspace here in Livermore with some other awesome makers I am privileged to have met. Robot Garden has been coming together almost too quickly and it is very exciting. I didn’t set out to found a hackerspace or an educational institution — which will be a big part of Robot Garden’s role — but I did want access to one myself and a community that supports all kinds of creativity for my children to be part of and the Tri-Valley is desperately underserved. Luckily a lot of other people also think so and we’ve gotten a lot of support from Sandia, i-GATE, Lawrence Livermore National Lab and a great group of individuals. The future looks bright so keep a watch at for updates.