ChuMPD logoA minimal remote control for MPD (Music Player Daemon) for use on the Chumby.

Because the flash player on Chumby can’t open arbitrary sockets, a thin python shim is needed to translate between the Widget and MPD. The widget connects to the translator and the translator connects to MPD. The translator CAN be run on the Chumby itself by putting this USB stick image (includes Python for Chumby) on a flash drive, plugging it into the Chumby and booting it up. Alternately you can get just the translator and set it up to run on another linux machine such as the one you’re running MPD on. Some linux / chumby hacking familiarity is probably required to make this work.

I will add support for viewing and editing play lists in a later version. For bug reports etc. please contact me.

If you’re interested in the source code, it is available under the GPL in the ChuMPD directory of the USB stick image archive. And if you’d like to collaborate contact me.