Fixing and Hacking with Sugaru

I just got some Sugru and it’s been great for fixing and hacking a few things up. For those not familiar with it, Sugru comes in little packets and starts out the consistency of silly putty and sets into something like silicone rubber with the additional advantage of adhering strongly to any surface it’s put on.

I started by attaching a bike light rail to the top of my helmet. As you can see in the picture, I had done this before with hot glue but it was weak and didn’t last. Not only is the sugru a really strong bond, it’s mold-ability let me set the angle of the light much better.

Next I fixed up my favorite utility knife which had been languishing since the original grips came loose. Filling in the space the original grips had occupied was easy then I textured them by rolling a lemon over the surface. These are better than the original grips and don’t have any logos in their face.

Lastly I resurrected my bluetooth headphones which had mechanically broken but were electronically pristine. It’s not pretty but I think it will last.

I have several more packets of the stuff left for resurrecting more broken objects.

Reduce -> Fix -> Reuse -> Recycle.