Garden Automation Part 2

The Raspberry Pi has IO pins left over after attaching it to the OpenSprinkler Pi and I am still waiting for my Pinoccio‘s to instrument my environment so I added a first yard sensor to the pi. It’s a DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor. Fortunately, pretty much all the work to get this connected to the Raspberry Pi has already been done. Consulting the pinout and using Adafruit’s interface program, I got my first data in minutes of work :-)

$ sudo ./Adafruit_DHT 11 24
Using pin #24
Data (40): 0x25 0x0 0x18 0x0 0x3d
Temp = 24 *C, Hum = 37 %

A few minutes work with the last of the Sugaru I ordered some months back and I have the pullup resistor and solder joints nicely protected and the wires coming off the sensor strain relieved.

DHT11 with Sugaru protection
DHT11 with Sugaru protection

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