NFC notebook

Leatherbound notebook with NFC tag
Leather bound paper notebook with NFC tag to make digitizing notes faster.

I have had an NFC capable phone for a year now and just decided to start playing with the technology. My first simple hack is NFC tagging my notebook.

I ordered some tags and installed the NFC Task Launcher app. After playing around with making NFC business cards and a tag for my bedside table which toggles the ringer on and off, I tried to come up with something really useful.

I use Evernote continuously but for times when a pen and paper is just better than a touch screen, I have a nice leather bound notebook I like for sketching and taking notes. Having been envying the Moleskin for Evernote notebooks that only work with the iOS version of evernote, I figured I could at least party upgrade my notebook. By adding a tag to the notebook, now I only have to touch the phone to the book to create a new note and then take a picture of the page.

screenshotOf course all these applications only save a few icon clicks at best but I’m just getting started. I have some bigger projects in mind and will post them when I get to them.