Blog syndication

This is a test! And also information. Since converting my website to run on wordpress, I have been playing around with various integration mechanisms, github twitter and google+. Twitter seems to work well enough for automatically tweeting when I post something. And it is possible to have google+ posts appear on my wordpress site but not the other way around which is a bit disappointing.

100V LED Buck driver

driver board with test LEDs
Here the driver is seen powering a string of 8 white LEDs in series for a total forward voltage of 27.2V from a 30V input at 15mA.

My electric bike is my primary mode of transportation so I need to be able to ride it under all conditions and at night that means I need light, lots of light. It seems silly to me to have a separate battery to power the lights when I have this nice big battery for the motor and it would be one more thing to remember to charge. The hiccup comes from the fact that the bike battery is at 48V (with a soon to come upgrade to 80V) so a switching power supply is needed.

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New webpage

I am overhauling my website to run on WordPress and now that I’ve gotten over the initial learning curve, it looks like it really will make it easier for me to update more frequently. Look for more content trickling in.