Robot Garden Cited in Entrepreneur Magazine and Peter Diamandis’s BOLD

Robot Garden has been cited along with Robot Launchpad, and Grishin Robotics in Entrepreneur Magazine and in Peter Diamandis’s business book BOLD as a part of the robotics startup ecosystem:

Startup infrastructure dedicated to robotics is likewise emerging: hacker spaces (Robot Garden), accelerators (Robot Launchpad) and even a dedicated venture capital firm, New York City-based Grishin Robotics, founded last June by Russian internet entrepreneur Dmitry Grishin. Yet more proof can be found in startup garages around the country, such as Lemnos Labs, an incubator founded in late 2011 in an industrial sector of San Francisco’s hip SoMa district. “We want to help cultivate people’s interest in hardware,” says co-founder Jeremy Conrad, a former Air Force engineer, noting that investor interest has grown because of recent exits like Kiva Systems, a maker of robots that service warehouses, which sold to Amazon for the shockingly high sum of $775 million. Lemnos, itself, has received $1.85 million, and several of its portfolio companies have obtained significant funding as well.